It's finally here!

Everything you need to transform your brand new or struggling ‘hobby’ business into your dream enterprise which gives you the money, freedom and business success you’ve always wanted.

More clients, greater impact, huge income growth and a new confident you! It’s all here for you – and all in one place!

Ready to go from zero or struggling to consistent £3k, £5k months and beyond?

Welcome to Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy

Hello Fabulous!

I’m Liz and I’m just like you. Three years ago I was struggling to make any money from my business. I was as stressed as hell, rushing from one networking event to another, trying to adapt my gifts and talents to anyone I could, just to get them as a client. Deep down under the fear that masked it, I knew I had so much potential but I was lost in the entrepreneurial jungle. It felt like I was being stalked mainly by two things:

a) my mindset and constant self doubt and sabotage and

b) my lack of business knowledge and marketing with no-one to turn to who could tell me what I should be doing, how to do it and when.

I listened to every free webinar I could, bought tons of £27 and £37 products, even several £397 & £499 products – all with the vague hope they would turn things around for me. They promised the world and delivered nothing because they were just automated products with no actual contact with the coach. There was no handholding, on-going support, continuity or opportunity for me to ask specifically about MY business, so even when I did try and implement something, it was plaged with problems and doubt and never lasted long.

Sound familiar?

Two and a half years ago I hired my first proper coach even though I really couldn’t afford it. I was terrified, but since that day the only reason I’ve looked back is to marvel at how far I’ve come!

With the right guidance I was able to blend my corporate business skills and my love of marketing (albeit slightly confused at that point), along with my passion for going deeper and looking at the real reasons we strive but so often fail time and time again.

What you’ve been striving for but which has always felt just out of reach is now right here in front of you!

As a member of THE WEALTHY ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY, you can achieve:

A profitable and sustainable business – full of your ideal clients delighted to pay you what you deserve so that you feel you don’t have to ‘work’ another day in your life because you love what you do so much!

A passion and purpose that flows with an abundance of clients and balance not burn out. A business you love and can be proud of forever.

More clients (or your first PAYING clients), at the high rates you deserve so you can make not just the income but also the impact you crave.

Welcome to your one-stop shop to take your hobby business into profit and sustainability.

One that also gives you everything you need to master your mindset once and for all, not just manage it!

You’ve been searching for the perfect program for so long, now it’s finally here right in front of you!

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Four months working with Liz and the transformation I can see already is amazing. I have a brand new business, Calmer Self, which I am very excited about and already have some very valuable strategies in place to deal with my old patterns and habits that have messed things up for me in the past. I'm learning so much from Liz herself and from the wonderfully generous and caring community that Liz has created. I've done things that I would never have even considered before and this is exactly what I needed.

Nadine Searle, Reiki and Relaxation Specialist


Who is it for? Why should I enrol?

The WEA is a year-long group coaching and mentorship program for passionate service based businesses – it’s for you if you’re a coach, consultant, practitioner, nutritionist, fitness or health professional.

If you’re just starting out and have no idea how to get those first paying clients or you’ve been in business for a while and would like to finally get serious (but have a lot of fun along the way), you’re going to feel right at home and will finally be able to relax and breath, knowing you’ve found the perfect home for you to nurture and grow your business, your mindset and your bank balance!

Why work with Liz?

Since my corporate career I have tried and failed, struggled then finally succeeded pretty darn well at growing my business to the magical '6 figures' we all want (more on that below).  I've used all the relevant parts of my corporate training and experience - I trained with and am still a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development as well as training in Psychometric Personality Profiling, Leadership Development and NLP.  After exploring the world of Energy Psychology I trained to become an AAMET Level 2 EFT Practitioner, then went on to become a certified  coach with Margaret Lynch's 'Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training Program,' followed by the APCTC Business Coach Professional Certification (only a handful of coaches have achieved this accolade so far).

I am an Amazon Number 1 Bestselling Author of 'The Prosperity Factor' with Joe Vitale, have written my own soon to be released book 'Limited To Limitless' and am the creator and producer of the online summit's 'Think Big and Shine' and 'Say Yes To Success.'
I have been asked to speak on many other summits, podcasts, events and at The Best You Expo, the UK's biggest business development event.

Great accolades of course, but what I'm most proud about is the results I help my clients across the globe to achieve:In a nutshell, this involves freeing them of their money blocks and success saboteurs, helping them achieve the business success they always felt was just out of reach and take their new or struggling businesses into long term profitability and sustainability. 

What will I get?

A clear, concise but comprehensive and firm business building foundation and growth program, packed into 12 awesome, easy to implement TRAINING MODULES.

Based on my signature Wealthy Entrepreneur Success Framework, you can follow step-by-step, proven actions that simply work and that got me to where I am today.

All the inspiration, information & resources you could ever wish for to take you from WHEREVER you are right now to a calendar booked with the perfect number of your perfect clients, giving you an ever growing bank balance.  You’ll soon learn that profitability and sustainability are the values I live by and giving those to my clients is an essential part of my mission.  Building a long-term, stable income and a way of doing it to match is key to your success, and therefore mine too.

Just the right balance of exercises and resources without taking too much time or causing overwhelm.  This will ensure implementation happens and this isn’t just another program to fill your inbox and brain but not your bank account.

These modules will be delivered LIVE over the 12 months we have together, via the 3 calls we have every month.  That’s a week off every month, or a week to catch up and access any of the additional pre-recorded info you need!

Tri-monthly GROUP COACHING CALLS in the next 12 months (that’s three times a month on a Monday)

  • To expand on the core modules with related training and to support the learning and implementation of these modules and sub-modules.
  • To ensure you receive any clarity you may need plus the exact help, coaching and support you need to put everything you’re learning into practise.
  • To build upon the training modules (and tweak if necessary) so that they apply to your unique business and circumstances, your personal ways of working and the way you want to build your enterprise. Remember, although there are core modules, I DO NOT teach a one-size fits all – your business is as unique as you are!
  • So you can get your marketing messages, products, programs, pricing and SO much more reviewed and tweaked for outstanding results.
  • So I can pick you up off the floor if you’re stuck or struggling and help you begin to fly again.
  • So you always know I’ve got your back. Remember – your success is my success. If you’re committed, I won’t let you fail.
  • So that I can celebrate your wins and breakthroughs with you!

A COMMUNITY filled with love from your greatest cheerleaders, giving you a level of support that will blow you away! These ladies have got your back!

A new family who will make you feel completely at home in our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. Your friends who are always there to support you, lift you up, help you practise, give objective, kind feedback, inspire you and love you if you ever get down or start to struggle.

You’ll never feel alone again – because there will be fellow rock stars all at different stages in their development and business journey: some exactly where you are, some for you to inspire towards and others to help you realise how far you have come.

Because the entrepreneurial journey can be such a rollercoaster, buddying up with an accountability partner will be really easy in the group and will add a whole extra level of support to you and them.


Of course! There’s a ton of bonuses!

Additional training for the early birds and fast movers, bonus modules and Get Started Faster training as soon as you sign up, PLUS you get access to my panel of experts who will teach you and share with you the stuff that is in their ‘zone of genius’ so I can concentrate on mine and in turn develop yours! This is high value content you’d normally have to pay extra for, but it’s all included by your investment in yourself, in the Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy!

Liz has a fantastic way of empowering me to understand and challenge my own barriers and beliefs. She's skilled at making seemingly complex things seem much more simple in a way that makes me want to action them with confidence! Her lovely calming manner also helps me to feel at ease when things feel overwhelming!

Krushma Makwana, Executive Coach

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The doors to Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy are opening on 22nd June but only until until 5th July at midnight – the deadline to decide if you’re going to claim YOUR independence!

Want to talk with me in person? Click HERE and let's chat

Upon registering, you’ll get immediate access to a number of core and bonus training modules. No fluff, just essential building blocks that will help you to get ready and primed like a muscle car so you can start straight out of the gates, rocking and rolling for our first call on July 2017.

You will get immediate support from your fellow Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy rock stars in our secret Facebook Group and will begin to feel the power of community instantly. You’ll probably have huge breakthroughs before we even get started properly!

What's covered in the training & modules?

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Modules are not necessarily delivered in 1 per month, but in the right order at the right time.

Over our 12 months together we will cover:

We’ll get you fired up and setting Outrageous Goals that you’ll feel more aligned to than ever before. We’ll release you from past failures and disappointments and set you up for maximum success. You’ll begin to develop the Wealthy Entrepreneur Mindset and become Manifestation Machine!

Together we’ll bring your vision to life by creating the right plan for you to make it happen. Your caring accountability starts here!

You’ll soon be implementing the winning habits to consistently move from overwhelm into inspired action on a daily basis.

Time Management to Beat Burnout #101 - ensuring your growth is continuous in all aspects of your life every single month.

After this module you’ll be doing only what you LOVE and were meant to do! You’ll know exactly who you’re here to serve – what lights up your soul AND your bank account – big style!

Talk about Passion & Purpose! Oh, and no more sucking up the stuff that doesn’t make you happy – plan your resignation from your soul sucking job now!

We will package your gifts, talents and the transformation you provide into amazing, irresistible offerings that your high-end clients will love.

We’ll cover pricing for your programs and packages and you’ll be crystal clear on the results and benefits that sell, plus super confident as to why these are a no brainer investment for your gorgeous clients!

We will establish You as an Expert while simultaneously building the Know, Like, Trust Factor.

We’ll cover all your questions and uncertainty over websites and writing irresistible copy with ease.

We’ll help you to get your fabulous content out there: Blogs, Vlogs, Livestreaming, Webinars, You Tube – you name it, we’ve got it covered.

Picking the right Social Media for you and your clients
Cut the confusion and let’s make it easy.

Includes ‘Facebook Group Marketing’ course with Lenka Lutonska and ‘Social Media Made Easy’ with Mark Guberti

It’s time to really ramp up those clients numbers: I’ll show you Who, Where, What, When & How.

We'll go from creating simple Opt-Ins and Nurture Sequences that will reward you with a consistent flow of clients who are ready and wanting to buy from you, right up to mini (and not so mini) launches of your exciting bright shiny new offer! 

We’ll formulate your strategy for discovery, breakthrough and taster sessions and you'll nail how to transition these into a sales conversation.

Sales is serving, and when you can transform your thinking and mindset around sales, you’ll transform your results too! In this module we’ll cover:
- The Time To Sell Framework & Clock
- Selling Superstars in Action!
- Overcoming Sales Objectives with Ease
Includes your complimentary ticket for the ‘7 Steps To Sales Success’ live training in the autumn of 2017.

I am a master at releasing you from past programming, your vow to stay loyal or battle against it.

I’ll also show you how to kill perfectionism so it doesn’t kill you or your dreams and we’ll blitz through what’s still holding you back.

We’re de-mistifying and simplifying Funnels to get them working for you not having you run off in the other direction!

We’ll be covering building the best Sales Pages, how to build an email sequence plus when and how to automate the whole process to develop passive income products with the help of our special guest expert Anna Langa.

Includes ‘Facebook Ads: An introduction’ by soon to be announced special guest expert.

Let’s get this shit sorted!
Working in your ‘Zone of Genius’
Who’s the Boss? Become the CEO of your Company
Tech and logistics
Includes ‘Hiring and getting the most from your VA’ by special guest expert Sarah Stiffin.

I’ll show you how to package up what you coach, teach & deliver into a unique branded blueprint.

You’ll develop your own fabulous model which you and your clients will benefit from in multiple ways: use for marketing & content delivery, perfect for events, webinars and livestreams.

Develop your own intellectual property and fly above your peers!

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Bonus Modules & Trainings:

Three unique trainings designed to take you from broke and scared to richly empowered and confident around money:

1. The Money Map
2. Finance 101 with Finance Expert ANGIE WHITE
3. Outrageous Goals

You want to deliver quality and get results but you can’t take on all the responsibility for your clients successes or failures.

In this module I’ll show you how to achieve a healthy balance and what to do when things go wrong.

This training will show you how to reach the next level as a recognized leader in your field and claim your place at the top table of experts where you belong.

Includes “Publishing Perfection” with DINA BERHMAN

I’ll talk you through the exact steps I took to FINALLY (after almost 40 years) uplevel in ALL areas of my life, which in turn had the biggest effect on my business!
This is the missing link if you’re struggling with success or finding yourself screaming to get off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

We’ll address how to cope with life’s curveballs while growing your business so your business still grows even if you’re going through a crisis.

Includes “How to stay married to your partner NOT just your business” with ALISON SARA REINER

I had been in total overwhelm and joined Liz, I really didn't know how to manage everything simultaneously while growing my family. It means the world to be supported in this transition. I love Liz's coaching as there is a wonderful mix of practical and holistic techniques she is using and for those who want to turn their hobby into a business, or expand their business. She really is your gem!

Lucia Hoxha, Yoga Teacher & Lifestyle Coach

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As you’ve seen above, you don’t just get ME for this crazy investment!

You get access to my growing panel of experts who will be on some of the calls to take you through things like (but not limited to):

Katrina Young

Digital Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant


Facebook Group Marketing


Publishing & Getting Your Name Into Print


Hiring and getting the best out of your VA (Virtual Assistant)


Content marketing & Social Media Expert

What about those Bonuses?

And because I’m committed to give you EVERYTHING you need to grow into the woman you’re meant to be, I have some incredible exclusive bonuses worth of £6,067!

7 Steps to Sales Success LIVE EVENT in a central London location (VALUE £497)

Autumn date 2017 TBC

7 Steps to Sales Success forms one of the core WEA modules, but in addition you’ll get to come to our Live Event absolutely free. In addition to all the fabulous training that we’ll bring to life fully on the day, you’ll get to meet your fellow Wealthy Entrepreneur Superstars who will likely have become great friends by then and experience first hand the power of extending the online community to an in person event and experience some epic realisations, transformations and huge growth in just this one day!

You’ll walk away with a confidence and determination around sales you’ve never experienced before. But you’ll also be fully realising your value, which will probably result in doubling your rates again AND getting a whole lot more clarity around your ideal client, your core message and niche too!

1 x SOS CALL TO USE DURING THE PROGRAM (VALUE £397) - only 4 remaining!

At some point you’ll probably have a specific challenge, be it around a launch, getting clear on your ideal client, niche, or busting through your first launch. That’s why I’m extending to you a 30 minute ‘laser’ coaching session with me or one of my assistant coaches to be used at any point throughout the year when you need it most.


Overcoming Sales Objections with ease: 3 steps to master the art of sales conversions and transform a 'No Not Yet' to a 'Yes when can I start'!

Does what it says on the tin – and so much more!

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Thanks Liz for an incredible VIP Day with you. I didn’t know what we were going to do, nor what I’d get out of it: I just knew it would be something really useful. WOW! It went way beyond my expectations! The best thing is you refocused me onto a whole area of expertise I’d totally forgotten about in my business and I’m so excited to see how that develops! I see wonderful opportunities opening up! It has raised my energy levels and inspired me to create concrete strategy for next year – and to seriously up-level my business.

Alison Palmer


Facebook Marketing is something we’ll cover during the 12 months, but this program give you access to the master of FB Marketing herself, Lenka Lutonska. I learnt so much from her I thought you should just hear it straight from the horse’s mouth so you can shoot straight out of the gates, increase your visibility and get on the Facebook Marketing ladder to success.




Queen of Copy Michelle Catanach (and one of my very first clients) has generously agreed to give the first ten members to sign up before 28th June a Website Review, during which she will critique your copy, layout and functionality and provide you with recommendations that you can then take forward.

If you don’t yet have a website, you can use this prize to help formulate your plan, look and feel and Michelle can help outline the content you should include within it.



Where all your call recordings, course materials and bonus trainings can be accessed at any time.


Where you can feel at home with your new family and fellow Wealthy Entrepreneurs!


My Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind is a fantastic option for you if you’re at the stage where you have already built a strong foundation and are ready for huge leaps in your income, business and personal growth.

I limit the numbers to this exclusive group because everyone in it gets an hour of my time, one-to-one every month.

It’s also a perfect option if you know you have very deep routed issues around money, huge blocks to success or other things that constantly get in the way and sabotage you from reaching your full potential.

ALL my clients are VIP’s, but you get even more of my love and time in this program!

If you choose to go down the VIP route, you’ll receive everything above plus:

  • 1 session per month exclusively us – time to take HUGE leaps forwards and experience true exponential growth!
  • 1x monthly training and coaching call
  • 1 x monthly true Mastermind session – a round table where you don’t just get my help but the help of the group by us focusing exclusively on you and your business for a part of this monthly 2 hour call.
  •  A 2 day in person, exclusive Mastermind event.
  • All expenses paid access to ALL my additional trainings, boot camps and in person live events.
  • VIP Access to the Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy Membership Vault.


Please note: Access to the Wealthy Entrepreneur Mastermind is by APPLICATION ONLY and due to the unique and personalised nature, places are extremely limited. Should this VIP sound attractive to you, just shoot me an email at and we can arrange to speak.

The standard fee for the VIP Mastermind is £8.5k, reduced to £7K until 4th July 2017, the duration of this enrolment period.

Liz is a awesome mindset and success coach!!! When we first connected,I was in a really bad place; emotionally, physically,etc. Within a few short months of working with Liz, she changed my life around!!! With her encouragement and support, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I now have a YouTube channel, a Facebook group with over 200 members and am starting my own coaching business. My self esteem, mindset and self confidence are in a totally different place than before thanks to Liz's coaching.

Bonnie Hardie, Mindset Coach and Speaker

How can I join?

Right here! Plus you can now enjoy my EARLY BIRD offer

NOW ONLY £2497 or 12 monthly payments of £247*

Still not sure? Let's talk! Book a call with me HERE

*By signing up for The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy on a payment plan, you are contractually agreeing to pay each monthly payment on time and may not cancel. We have the legal right to seek the collection of any unpaid membership fees.

Questions? Fire away…

Is The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy for me?

The WEA isn’t for everyone.

It’s NOT for you if:

  • You’re already happy with where your business is and you don’t see a need to change a thing (why are you here if that’s you)!?!?
  • You THINK you want more but in reality you’re happy to stay safely within your comfort zone - I’m masterful at helping people step outside of it but you have to be willing, even if it scares the crap out of you!
  • You’re a victim and/or a complainer, a ‘that won’t work for me because…’ type person. Don’t get me wrong – I love working with those who find this hard and need to breakthrough, but you have to have a deep desire to do so in order to get the best results.

But it definitely IS for you if everything you’ve read so far resonates and:

  • You are a coach consultant, practitioner, nutritionist, fitness or health professional. · You know it’s time to start turning your dreams into your new reality.
  • You are ready to step up and claim your power, own your worth and into your limitless potential.
  • You are ready to give up the constant frustration you feel with regards to your business and get off the train that’s steaming toward more overwhelm, more doubt, limitation and self sabotage, put in some time and effort.

Me and my business don’t fit firmly in the categories above. Will I still benefit?

Yes! Remember I’m not a one-size-fits all coach so as long as you have a service based business the trainings will apply to you. Also don’t forget that through the coaching calls we can relate everything very specifically to you and your unique business.

Can I afford it?

The answer to that question is a big, loud “YES!”

Actually I’d like to ask you, “Can you afford NOT to do this?” I don’t want you to spend a moment longer in mediocrity, and at this crazy price, I’m expecting you to get a massive ROI (Return On Investment), many times over in fact. Speaking of price, The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy program fees are normally £2497 (or 12 monthly payments of £247).

However, Early bird gives you a MASSIVE DISCOUNT, to £1,997 for pay in full or 12 payments of £197, but that option is only open to those early action takers – those willing to commit before 28th June.

The VIP option investment fee is £8.5k, reduced to £7K for bookings before 4th July. I think you’ll agree that the value you get for the price is a TOTAL NO BRAINIER!

Imagine never having to utter those words “I can’t afford it” ever again. That’s my desire and my commitment to you – that within 12 months “I can’t afford it” will no longer be a familiar part of your vocabulary.

Are there refunds?

No! And that’s a good thing. Here’s why……

If you want out at some point then it will be because what you’re learning and trying to change is triggering deeply held beliefs about you, money and/or your ability to succeed – exactly what we HAVE to and WILL break through in order to get to the other side – just where success is patiently waiting for you.

If you doubt the results then you’ll just need some extra help to implement effectively, which I’m committed to helping you do.

In a nutshell, your business and your life will only transform as much as you are willing to commit to your own change and growth. That’s a fact!

You need to be committed and if you’re in, you need to be IN! If you have a back door open that you could use to exit, you’re more likely to hang out with one foot stuck there.

Will I get enough support?

I can’t see how you won’t! Honestly, if anything I have to scale back from what I want to give else I’d risk giving you too much! I’m committed to ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed and you are able to implement everything I’m going to teach you.

That’s why we follow a proven framework that I have honed and delivered before, but not in such an effective format.

There’s the structured modules which are delivered LIVE this time around (if you wait until next time, they’ll be pre-recorded). Then within these live calls you get the chance to receive individual coaching specific to you and your business – a chance for you to ask ANYTHING you need around clarity, what you should be doing and when, plus the help you need with anything that’s holding you back and sabotaging your success.

Don’t forget the community support in the FB Group.

Is that enough? If it’s not then you need to speak to me about joining my mastermind, where you’ll get all of this plus even more of my time, including an hour a month exclusively one-to-one.

Can I join The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy now and upgrade to VIP later

Yes, as long as there are spaces available of course.

Will The Wealthy Entrepreneur Academy work for me?

Whether that’s just launching your business, taking it from expensive hobby to owning your worth and becoming a truly successful entrepreneur, or whether you’re ready to grow and scale, I believe the WEA WILL work for you. But I would say that wouldn’t I.

The WEA isn’t for everyone, but what I can tell you is that as long as you are coachable – in that you listen to what I say (even though you might not like it sometimes), are prepared to be challenged (in a very kind and loving way of course), you’re willing to try new things and challenge your thoughts, beliefs and ways of working then this program will work for you.

I don’t think I’m ready. I’ve got too much going on!

I believe you’re ready RIGHT NOW! You won’t be ‘more’ ready in 3. 6 or even 12 months time. All you need is some thought about what you want to achieve over the next 12 months and consider how quickly you want to make this happen according to everything else you’ve got going on in your life right now and coming up over the next year.

I’m a master at helping people replace and surpass their income from their job with their income from their business, so they can ditch the job they hate and live the life they love! The ladies I coach have a lot of other stuff going on - we’ve had illness, grief, weddings, IVF treatment and parenting challenges but that only needs to be a reason for NOT growing your business if you’re prepared to give in to it or want it too.

How do I know that you’re the coach for me?

I keep it real! I’m not going to tell you to hire a sales team, outsource and automate EVERYTHING and assume that you’ve got thousands of pounds to invest in fancy systems to leverage your biz. Because I’ve been where you are relatively recently, I’m able to give you the small steps that make a big difference, rather than telling you to go and climb mount Everest when you’ve never navigated a small valley before!

I also am totally in touch with the hardship, doubts, fears, overwhelm I’m experienced enough to have broken through them on multiple levels but that’s not so distant that I’m just going to tell you to be stronger and get on with it – as heart centred entrepreneurs, I know we need more than that!

I’m on track to treble my income this year and I know that is set to continue because I have a proper business now with proper projections, rather than just some pie in the sky goals, Law of Attraction practises plus a lot of hope and prayers!

In a nutshell, I’m so tuned in to what it takes to get past those first huge hurdles that I won’t let you fail. I’m also still at the point where each and every single client matters hugely to me – you are all names and individuals, not just numbers and income in my paypal account every month. That means you have my word I won’t just give up on you if the going gets tough. If things seem hard or they’re not working (which is highly unlikely with all the modules, help and support you’ll receive), we’ll find a way to make it work, rather than me blaming it on you not being committed or working hard enough.


Still holding back?

Find out if this is right for you by speaking with me NOW.